The Purpose of Faith [Matt. 14:22-33]

Faith is walking toward Jesus. It doesn’t matter what terrain we are walking on—water, sand, pavement—because the goal is not fancy faith. It’s not even faith itself. We walk by faith in order to worship Him.

I like running on treadmills. I can maintain a consistent speed, in an air-conditioned environment. I can track the details of calories burned, miles run (which can easily be converted to kilometers), and I can even watch TV. Rain or shine.

There’s nothing wrong with any of that for physically working out, but Christian treadmills are dead. The form of my walking might look perfect. I am less likely to stumble, but if there is no Jesus at the end, it is in vain.

The purpose of faith is worship. Faith and hope will pass away when we see Him face to face, but love will continue. We will not walk on stormy seas in heaven, but we will fall on our knees in worship.

Faith is anticipating, expectant, forward-looking—chin up, shoulders back, march ahead toward Jesus.

“Truly You are the Son of God.”


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