I am a 20-something woman with more questions than answers. I’m sentimental but miles from emotional. I generally do things in spurts, though I aspire to write more consistently. I am a homebody with the travel bug.

Sometimes in striving to be rational, I walk into a pit of mud. Sometimes in striving to be insightful, I walk into a pile of fluffy feathers. Always in opening my heart to Jesus, I walk into loving arms of mercy.

I most frequently write poetry (usually Christian themed) or other ramblings about the Christian life, but really anything is fair game here including politics, travel, and humor.

For the love of Christ controls me

Learn | Love | Abide 

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m going to follow you because your comment to another Christian sister encouraged ME so much–the reminder about the widow and how her oil didn’t run out…and your prayer. WOW, that ministered to me! God bless you throughout this New Year!!

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