Prepare My Heart to Praise You Then

I’ve said and heard many times in Bible studies before “It’s so much easier to praise God when life is going well for us.” It’s true. A few days ago I was feeling unusually joyful and happy about life. As I was singing worship songs in the two-hour drive I was taking that day, I prayed, “Prepare my heart to praise you then.” In the other times. In the less-easy-to-praise-God times. In the less-easy-but-immensely-important times.

I think of it as an infinite pattern of praise—praising God today for today and praising Him today for tomorrow. “Lord, I praise you today. And I praise You that when hard times come tomorrow, You will be with me. And I praise You because when you get me through the hard times of tomorrow, and I’m tempted to ignore You and boast in myself, You will be with me. And I praise You that when I’ve been humbled from that boasting that follows the hard time following the goodness of today, You will still be with me!”

And so this is what I’ve written over the past week:

Prepare my heart to praise You then
When darker days do come.
When earth gives way and mountains move,
Recall to me Your love.
Steadfast, I know it never leaves.
Each morning it is new.
I trust You for the coming doubt
That You will see me through.

The woes of earth surprise me not.
Already I rejoice.
I hide Your word within my heart
To always know Your voice.
With truth in hand, I’ll face the trials.
My double-edged sword
Cuts down the lies that pull me far
Away from Christ my Lord.

With eager heart, expect great things,
His glory coming soon,
A story of His faithfulness
To never-changing tune.
Steadfast, I know You never leave,
Each morning grace anew.
I trust You for the coming doubt
That you will see me through.

Some verses referenced:
Lamentations 3:21-22; Psalm 46:1-3; 1 Peter 4:12; James 1:2; Psalm 119:11; Psalm 105:5; John 10:3-5, 14-16; Hebrews 4:12; Romans 8:18

One year!

Patting myself on the back today because it’s officially been over one year since I started this blog. I’ve infrequently posted, no doubt, but I haven’t abandoned it entirely, which is historically the path I’ve gone down with my blogs.

Maybe it’s because in the past I’ve blogged openly—sharing posts with my friends and encouraging people to read my blog. Frankly, I have a variety of mostly legitimate reasons for not continuing with my past blogs, but an audience, even a small one, can be a burden. The pressure of perfection hinders creation.

There is something freeing and exhilarating about posting something in a public forum that will nevertheless remain 99% private. I want to share this with my friends someday, but for now I don’t want pressure.


El rosa me llama desde el papel

El rosa me llama desde el papel

“Ojo, ojo! es tu amigo fiel

Soy yo, el amigo que te mostré el amor

Soy yo, te encanto cuando salgo en el flor.”

Ah sí, yo recuerdo, oyendo mi nombre.

Y el rosa grita, “ven y comparte!—

El amor que te mostré (porque ya tú sabes)

Quedará en el papel si tú no lo vives

El que te mostré ya no es bastante.

Qué lo hagas, qué lo hagas” el rosa me dice.