“The Airport”

The airport is my favorite place—
Filled with excitement,
New destinations calling my name
To this gate and that.
To think—at any minute (and with a little spare cash)
I could go anywhere.

And then there’s that beautiful word: ARRIVALS,
That beautiful path where reunions happen,
Where time apart is eclipsed by hugs
Because right now we’re together.

And yet
If home is where the heart is, my home is splintered across the globe.
A fractured home’s enlarged my heart
As the cracks of “missing” swell—
It is truly more whole than before.

The adrenaline rush of adventure’s departure
Tempered with the steadiness of return
“I’m back!”; “Welcome!”; “Goodbye!”;
The deepest of emotions are on display
At the airport.

But beware:
The cracks still hurt.